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Members of Addpopular do not bear any responsibility for malfunctioning or damages infringed to the website as a result of inappropriate use of provided materials. The damage may include loss of information or other available data, as well as inflicting profits. In this case, it makes no difference whether the representatives of Addpopular have been notified in an oral or written form.


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Addpopular has no agreements with Instagram, Facebook and other social networks and does not bear any liability for purchases of tools that can be further utilized on various platforms. The customer is fully and solely responsible for the way he or she applies the services provided by Adpopular. If your page on a social network happens to be banned, it is your own risk and liability, whatever the reason is.


Addpopular does not bear any liability for the links found on the website, as we are not obliged to check each link and the content of the website it leads to. If you click on a link, it is your decision and you take this step at your sole risk. In order to make a purchase on our website, only your username is required, and we guarantee confidentiality of the data that you share with Addpopular.

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